BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – June 15, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer …


BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – June 15, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer Valley Board of Education to order at 6:03 p.m. Members answering roll call were Paul Cogdill (via telephone), Jen Miller, Steve Puck and Candace Ueding. Directors Hansen, Heistand and Malone were absent. Administrators present: Supt. Kurt Brosamle, Principal Mike Weber and Secretary Terra Sell. Visitors present: List on file at the Business Office. Secretary Sell read the mission statement. APPROVAL AGENDA/MINUTES: Motion by Miller, second by Heistand to approve the agenda as published with the addition of Discussion Items – Insurance Payment, Pest Control and Operational/Staff Sharing and Action Items – Pest Control and Booster Club Requests and minutes from previous board meetings. Motion carried 4-0. President Puck thanked Mr. Weber and Supt. Brosamle for all their years of service to the district and wished them luck in their future endeavors. PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Weber reported that summer school was going well. Mrs. Branning is teaching the class, there are 10 students signed up and 8/9 of them are showing up regularly. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Mr. Brosamle reported on the following: the custodians are currently all working in the Dunlap building working on cleaning floors and carpet, they will then all go to the Dow City building to do the same. The gyms will be closed starting July 5th (BVN) and July 8th (BVS) so that the new floor coating can be applied on July 13th. Andy has been doing a good job of getting vehicles ready for our prior to school inspection. Staff has been doing PowerSchool training and a group of staff went to Avoca for teacher clarity training. Mr. Brosamle would like to begin on staff scheduling. The quiz bowl team went to Chicago for Nationals and qualified for finals, which was done via zoom last weekend. They tied with a small school in Pennsylvania; this Saturday is the tiebreaker. He stated the board needs to address the after prom incident as it is still a hot topic in the community. DISCUSSION: Teaching positions: currently our open positions are: HS English, 6-12 P.E. and MS Math/Computer Instructor. Offered an English position, which might be taught online, need to consider $10k per period. Physical education – the elementary P.E. instructor might need to do ½ time elementary and ½ time MS/HS. Math/computer – there is an individual agreed to do it starting 2nd semester as they have to do student teaching the 1st semester. Sick Leave Payout: Mr. Brosamle stated he sent an email out with possible scenarios, there were no questions regarding his email. Work Comp/P&C Insurance: Mark Brasel with the Hoffman Agency provided the district with the premiums for 2022-23 for workman’s compensation and property/casualty. Many districts have seen large spikes in premiums, as well as deductibles. Our current deductible is $1,000; by increasing our deductible to $5,000 it reduces the property/casualty premium by $10k. Workman’s comp premium also went down. Overall, our premiums for the 2022-23 school year will actually be roughly $1,500 less than this current year. Pest Control: Rogers Pest Control is who the school had for many years; he retired and Plunkett Pest Control took over services; however, their service is not as good. Clark Pest Control is a local business in Logan and although the price is slightly higher Mr. Brosamle believes we will receive better service. Operation/Staff Sharing: Woodbine contacted us regarding operational sharing agreement; the biggest concern is Curriculum Director. Mr. Brosamle doesn’t feel this contract would be beneficial for us, it might cost us more than what we’d receive for services. The other positions agreed upon would get us up to 18 out of a possible 21. Sarah Malone wrote a letter stating she would provide Librarian services as a consultant, she is familiar with our operations and it is cheaper than having the AEA provide services. OPEN FORUM: Bud Dunham addressed the board and thanked Mr. Weber and Mr. Brosamle for all their service to the district and wished them luck in the future. He mentioned he agreed with Mr. Brosamle that the after prom incident needs addressed, as the district has lost two students who have open enrolled out because of it. He apologized to Mr. Brosamle for the treatment he has endured over the last year from some staff and other members of the district; he did not deserve it and asked he not hold it against the district when he leaves. CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE MAJOR PURCHASES: Mr. Brosamle stated he had no major purchases at this time and is still waiting on government pricing for a suburban. APPROVE PERSONNEL: Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve the resignations of Julie Malone – Asst. HS Girl’s Basketball, Mary Gray – Campus Care Associate and Christian Klein – Asst HS Football. Motion carried 4-0. Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve a pre-employment agreement with Jordan Torres as MS Math/Computer Instructor, beginning the 2nd semester of the 2022-23 school year. Motion carried 4-0. Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve contracts for Julie Malone – Asst. HS Volleyball, Gary Neilsen – Head Girls Golf, Megan Behrendt – TeamMates Coordinator and MS Volleyball, Aaron Mumm – MS Boy’s Basketball, Kalin Butler – MS Girl’s Track, Lisa TenEyck – Junior Class Sponsor, Kyle Hast – BVS Night Custodian and Ben Schauer – 6-12 Director of Education. Motion carried 4-0. Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve Sarah Malone to provide 15 days of Librarian services at $6,525 for the 2022-23 school year. Motion carried 4-0 Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve Kami Behrendt to teach HS English for 3 periods, at $10,000 per period, for the 1st semester of the 2022-23 school year. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE OPENING & CONSIDERING SEALED BIDS: Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to consider the sealed bids. Motion carried 4-0. The Superintendent, Secretary of the Board and Financial Advisor opened the sealed bids received at 11:00 a.m. on June 15th and the best sealed bid was as follows: The Baker Group out of Oklahoma City, OK with a purchase price of $8,097,406.53, net interest cost of $3,227,950.55 and a true interest rate of 3.758816%. Matt Gillaspie, Financial Advisor with Piper Sandler, reviewed with the board the report of sale for the general obligation school bonds: 5 bids received, 4 via electronic bidding submission and 1 bid was emailed to the district. Other bidders were: Company, Purchase Price, Net Interest Cost, True Int. Rate Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. – Milwaukee, WI, $8,232,212.45, $3,470,498.80, 4.023829% Northland Securities, Inc. – Minneapolis, MN, $8,136,876.10, $3,456,564.65, 4.027328% BOK Financial Securities, Inc. – Dallas, TX, $8,162,044.10, $3,489,022.57, 4.057714% First National Capital Markets, Inc. – Omaha, NE, $8,307,930.20, $3,612,804.59 , 4.133654% APPROVE RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE SALE OF $8,200,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS, SERIES 2022: Director Miller introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption, second by Ueding. Ayes: Miller, Ueding, Cogdill, Puck Nays: None. Motion carried 4-0. President Puck declared the Resolution adopted as follows: “Resolution directing the sale of $8,200,000 General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2022….Bonds are awarded based on the following bid (as re-sized): The Baker Group of Oklahoma City, OK with a purchase price of $8,093,753.28, net interest cost of $3,326,682.08 and true interest cost of 3.769239%.” The resolution is available in the Board Secretary’s office if you wish to read it in its entirety. APPROVE DISCLOSURE POLICY: Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to remove section 8 of the current Post-Issuance Compliance Regulation for Tax-Exempt Obligations, code #704.2R1 and replace it with the new bond disclosure policy provided by Ahlers & Cooney. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE BREAD BID: Bread bid was received from Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. for $4,032.10. They will not deliver to the Elementary building, we will transport as we have been doing in the past. Motion by Uueding, second by Miller to approve the bread bid from Pan-O-Gold. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE MILK BID: Two milk bids were received: Kemps for $24,619.13 and Anderson Erickson for $22,257.25. Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve the milk bid with Anderson Erickson. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE FY23 INSURANCE: Mr. Brosamle provided an overview of the workman’s compensation and property/casualty insurance premiums. In order to keep premiums low the district needs to change from a $1,000 deductible to $5,000. By making this switch the district will be saving $1,509 in FY23 premiums compared to FY22. Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve making the deductible change to $5,000. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE PAYING FY23 INSURANCE PREMIUM ON JULY 1: Each year the Hoffman Agency fronts the insurance premium for the school as it is due July 1 and the board meetings aren’t until mid-July. Mark Brasel requested the school to reimburse Hoffman Agency as soon as feasible. Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to pay the Hoffman Agency for insurance premiums on July 1 prior to the board meeting. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE DEBT SERVICE TRANSFER TO PPEL: As the District’s prior outstanding General Obligation School Bonds have now been 100% retired, the Board authorizes and directs the district’s SBO, Terra Sell, to transfer all remaining surplus balance from the Debt Service fund to the PPEL fund. Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve the transfer. Ayes: Miller, Ueding, Cogdill, Puck. Nays: None. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE PAYING BILLS THROUGH END OF FY22: Motion by Miller, second by Ueding to approve the business manager and board president to pay bills through June 30, 2022. Motion carried 4-0. APPOINT DISTRICT SECRETARY/TREASURER: Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to appoint Terra Sell as the District’s Secretary/Treasurer as of July 1, 2022. Motion carried 4-0. OATH OF OFFICE TO DISTRICT SECRETARY/TREASURER: President Puck administered the Oath of Office to newly appointed Secretary/Treasurer, Terra Sell. APPROVE SICK LEAVE PAYOUT POLICY: Discussion was held regarding possibly adopting a sick leave payout policy. Mr. Brosamle stated he believed it should be tied to an early retirement policy and the individual needs to be IPERS eligible under the Rule of 88. After much discussion, motion by Miller, second by Ueding to table this item until the early retirement discussion which happens later this year. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE OPERATIONAL SHARING: Woodbine contacted Supt. Brosamle regarding operational sharing contracts. Currently Woodbine holds the contracts for HR Director and Transportation Director, BV holds contracts for Special Education Director and Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Dow City holds the Maintenance Director contract. Woodbine asked about sharing Curriculum Director; however, Mr. Brosamle wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for the district. After further discussion, motion by Miller, second by Ueding to table this item until more board members could be in attendance. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE PEST CONTROL: Clark Pest Control out of Logan submitted a bid of $170/month for both locations. Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve Clark Pest Control for pest control services. Motion carried 4-0. APPROVE BOOSTER CLUB REQUESTS: Motion by Ueding, second by Miller to approve the Booster Club to pay the district for the following claims: Boy’s Basketball Home Uniforms - $1,986; Girl’s Basketball Away Uniforms - $1,986; Varsity Bound Pro Subscription - $500; Quiz Bowl Entry Fee/Hotel Expense - $1,690.32 ; IHSMTA Fees - $235; and Football Helmet Decals/Stickers and Awards - $445.03. Motion carried 4-0. DISCUSSION: Building Update: Mr. Brosamle provided sample colors for auditorium seat colors, bleachers and chair frames. The seat cover color chosen was sherpa grey heather and the frame/bleachers color was deep violet. A motion by Ueding, second by Miller to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. With no further business appearing before the board, President Puck declared the meeting adjourned at 7:13 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting. Secretary, Terra Sell President, Steve Puck Boyer Valley CSD Claims- June 2022 Vendor Name, Vendor Description, Amount General Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 236.76 Bomgaars Supply, Custodial Supplies 37.98 Bonsall T.V. Inc., Audio/Visual Equip/Repairs 450.00 C & H Hauling, Trash Removal 280.00 Carroll Cleaning Supply, Co., Cleaning Supplies 533.50 Carroll Control, Purchase Service 217.25 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc, Janitorial Supplies 383.50 City Of Dow City, Water/Sewer/Garbage 4,238.83 City Of Dunlap, Utility 453.41 Cogdill Farm Supply, Supplies 20.00 Crawford County Cinema IV, Field Trip 72.00 Denison Bulletin/Review, Advertising 197.18 DHS Cashier 1st Fl., St. Medicaid Service 5,776.83 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 92.43 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 362.40 Ed M Feld Equip Co Inc, Fire Extinguisher Service 200.00 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 2,034.36 Farm Service Cooperative, Bulk Oil 162.25 Frontier Communications, Telephone 203.06 Hanigan's Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, Lawn Care 2,350.00 Harlan Community High School, Registration 11,083.35 Harlan Publishing LLC, Publications 162.00 Heller Implement, Inc., Repair Parts 3,333.54 Henry Doorly Zo0, Field Trip 192.00 IA Assn Of School Business Of, Seminar Fees 175.00 IKM-Manning CSD, Entry Fees/Tuition 3,694.44 Iowa Communications Network, L-D/T-1/Video Charges 58.90 Iowa Division Of Criminal Inv, IA Criminal History 287.00 Iowa HS Music Association, Registration/Dues 117.00 Long Lines, Internet Services 645.00 Midamerican Energy, Electricity/Natural Gas 10,133.93 Plunkett's Pest Control, Pest Control 130.00 Really Great Reading LLC, Instructional Supplies 666.88 Rick's Computers L.C., Computer Equip/Supply 3,778.00 Roberts Auto Supply, Repair Parts 92.25 Rose Performing Arts Center, The, Show Tickets 102.72 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 25.14 Timberline Billing Service LLC, Purchased Service 748.15 Van Wall Equipment, Repairs 35.14 Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone 701.43 Visual Edge It, Inc. Dba Counsel, Maintenance/Supplies 13.70 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 356.81 Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 419.32 Western Iowa Tech, Educational Services 700.00 Western Iowa Wireless, Internet Access Bus Barn 49.95 Windstream Iowa Communications, Phone Company 416.47 Fund Total: 56,419.86 Management Avesis, Vision Insurance 68.94 Community Bank/Medical Insr, Medical Insurance 7,224.41 Iowa Schools Employee Benefits, Dental/Life/Ltd Ins 192.96 Fund Total: 7,486.31 Campus Care Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 396.01 Soll, Christy, Refund 100.00 Walmart - Capitol One, Supplies 136.23 Fund Total: 632.24 Checking Account Total: 64,538.41 School Nutrition Anderson-Erickson Dairy Co, Milk 1,503.59 Beeck, Chris, Refund 187.95 Brosamle, Kurt, Refund 10.10 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 2.99 Fareway Stores, Groceries 10.34 Gorden, Shawn, Refund 175.85 Kelley, Tracy, Reimursement 67.70 Kuker, DJ, Refund 358.45 Malone, Jodi, Reimbursement 9.60 Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 4,700.10 Pan 0 Gold Baking, Hot Lunch Food 349.80 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 97.10 Weber, Michael, Reimbursement 16.10 Fund Total: 7,489.67 Checking Account Total: 7,489.67 Student Activity Arkfeld, Mark, Official 350.00 Broadcast Music, License 154.23 Cash/ Lori Malone, Change Funds 2,900.00 Crawford County Cinema IV, Field Trip 75.00 Crestwood Hills Golf Course, Entry Fee 20.00 Deckers Sporting Goods, Athletic Supplies 2,383.20 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 130.00 Educational Theatre Association, Membership 385.00 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 50.42 Greg Lovette / GLS & Associates, Official 230.00 Hascall, Phillip, Official 130.00 Hawkinson, Robert, Official 130.00 Heiman, Karl, Official 240.00 Hoogestraat, Jeremy, Official 130.00 Iowa FFA Association, Registration Fees 2,730.00 Jones, Eric, Official 120.00 Jostens, Inc., Annual Printing 90.00 Knickman, Jason, Official 330.00 Lyons, Don, Official 360.00 Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 96.90 Martin, Rodney 130.00 Melby, Jill, Refund 389.73 Meyer, Charlie, Official 220.00 MTI Enterprise Inc, Drama Supplies 4,792.83 Petersen, Trace, Official 120.00 Pioneer Mfg Co, Paint 153.40 Shoesmith, Linn, Baseball Official 360.00 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 32.81 Uptown Sporting Goods, Supplie 49.05 Van Ness, Cody, Official 360.00 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 1,647.91 Wendts Pots & Posies, Supplies 190.00 Fund Total: 19,480.48 Trust Fund Caden Neilsen & University Of Iowa, Scholarship 250.00 Makenzie Dumbaugh & Morningside College, Scholarship 250.00 Fund Total: 500.00 Checking Account Total: 19,980.48 Local Option Tax Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 569.00 KPE-Engineers/Architects/Forensic Experts, Purchase Service 14,262.21 Nextgen Technology, Purchased Service 7,250.00 Rasmussen Mechanical Service, Contract Labor 12,532.00 Rick's Computers L.C., Computer Equip/Supply 1,999.00 S&P Global Ratings, Purchased Service 17,250.00 Fund Total: 53,862.21 PPEL Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 1,157.08 Fund Total: 1,157.08 Debt Service UMB Bank, N.A., Administrative Fees 300.00 Fund Total: 300.00 Checking Account Total: 55,319.29 TDR 6-23-22


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