BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – May 16, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer …


BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – May 16, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer Valley Board of Education to order at 6:00 p.m. Members answering roll call were Benjamin Hansen, Elizabeth Heistand, Craig Malone, Jen Miller and Steve Puck. Directors Cogdill and Ueding were absent. Administrators present: Supt. Kurt Brosamle, Principal Mike Weber and Secretary Terra Sell. Visitors present: List on file at the Business Office. Secretary Sell read the mission statement. APPROVAL AGENDA/MINUTES: Motion by Miller, second by Heistand to approve the agenda as published with the addition of Action Items – Music Trip and Sick Day Payout Policy and minutes from previous board meetings. Motion carried 5-0. PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Weber reported that the town cleanup day went very well, thank you to Dow City Business Club for providing skittles to the students. Mr. Frohlich visited on the 28th for introductions; on the 29th Mr. Weber did a walk-through of the building with Boyd Jones and KPE. Puppy relays went well last Friday, thank you to Mr. Froehlich and the staff for helping with the event. Pre-k through 2nd grade students visited the FFA petting zoo. Thank you to all the subs who have filled in during the year, they are essential in the building running smoothly. New rooftop units were installed in the 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Elementary spring concert is May 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the gym. Mrs. Puck is taking on a student teacher next year; there are 10 students signed up for summer school, thank you to Mrs. Branning for volunteering to teach. The board recognized and thanked Mr. Weber for all his years of service. Director Ueding arrived at 6:06 p.m. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Mr. Brosamle reported on the following: Prom started with no electricity, thank you to Ms. TenEyck and Ms. Mittag for getting generators. NHS induction was held, there were 11 new members for a total of 22. We have hosted 3 track meets, thank you to all the staff and workers for helping them run smoothly. Girls and boys golf are both Rolling Valley Conference champions; boys qualified for districts and finished 3rd; two girls qualified for regional finals; the team tied for 2nd, but lost the tie breaker. Thank you to Mr. Schauer and students for a great spring concert. Graduation was held yesterday and it went very well. Semester tests begin this Friday and Monday. State track qualifiers: Pat Heffernan, Lauren Malone and 4x800 Girls Relay. Harrison County EMS sent out letters regarding new emergency radios; there will be a meeting on Monday for all area superintendents to get together to work on a grant to help pay for 70% of the radios. APPTEGY PRESENTATION: Shelley Foster introduced Joseph with Apptegy, who gave a presentation via zoom regarding the company and their services. They help streamline communication with the public by allowing the school to post to multiple social media platforms at the same time. They also do website design that is easy to navigate making it quicker for people to find what they’re looking for. DISCUSSION: SU Insurance: This is our break down insurance, the premium is paid out of the Management Fund and the money received from the insurance company is receipted into the General Fund. So far this year the District has received $27,731. The proposed premium is $62,721, slightly increased from the current annual premium which is $59,669. The rate can be locked in for a three year period, if the board chooses. OPEN FORUM: Kurt Brosamle addressed the board, stating prom was very memorable given there was no electricity; however, the after prom activities were being discussed more so than prom. While this is a non-school activity, there were adult chaperones consuming alcoholic beverages. Mr. Brosamle received many calls from both parents and students concerning this topic, which has created a black cloud for the district. He told the board they might want to consider taking back this event to be under the direction of the school to avoid further issues of this nature. CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Ueding, second by Heistand to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 6-0. APPROVE MAJOR PURCHASES: Mr. Brosamle stated he received approval to purchase a bus using ESSER III funds and wanted consent to move forward with the purchase. Delivery of the bus would be around March/April 2023. Motion by Hansen, second by Malone to purchase a bus. Motion carried 6-0. APPROVE PERSONNEL: Motion by Ueding, second by Heistand to approve the resignations of Chelsey Hollinger and Billie Jo Krediet, Campus Care Associates. Motion carried 6-0. Motion by Heistand, second by Hansen to approve contracts for: Waylon Salinas, 6-12 PE Instructor/MS Football at MA Step 10; Sally Cogdill, Special Education Instructor at BA Step 4; Nicholas Steinkuehler, BVN Building Custodian; Cody Freland, Head Girls Basketball and Special Education Associate; Bailey Greenwood, MS Student Council Sponsor; Pat Putnam, Head HS Boys Basketball; Gary Neilsen, Head Volleyball; Sherri Mefferd, Campus Care Associate; Brandi Miller, Special Education Associate. Motion carried 6-0. APPROVE SU INSURANCE: Motion by Hansen to approve SU Insurance for a 3-year term; there was no second, motion fails. Motion by Hansen to approve a 1-year contract, second by Miller for an annual premium of $62,721. Motion carried 5-0. Malone abstains. APPROVE AHLERS & COONEY AS BOND COUNSEL & DISCLOSURE COUNSEL: Motion by Hansen, second by Heistand to approve the Bond Counsel and Disclosure Counsel Engagement Agreement with Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. Motion carried 6-0. APPROVE RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR SALE OF NOT TO EXCEED $8,200,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION SCHOOL BONDS, SERIES 2022, APPROVING ELECTRONIC BIDDING PROCEDURES AND APPROVING OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Director Heistand introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption, second by Ueding. Ayes: Heistand, Ueding, Hansen, Malone, Miller and Puck. Nays: None. Motion carried 6-0. President Puck declared the Resolution adopted as follows: “Resolution directing the advertisement for sale of not to exceed $8,200,000 General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2022, approving electronic bidding procedures and approving official statement.” The resolution is available in the Board Secretary’s office if you wish to read it in its entirety. APPROVE MUSIC TRIP: Boyer Valley Music department is requesting permission for a spring 2023 trip to New York City. This will provide a variety of educational experiences including a workshop on Broadway – Working New York Performer, a visit to Rockefeller Center, tour of Mary’s recording studio, trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art and a visit to the 9/11 memorial, to name a few. There is no cost to the school, it will all be paid for through fundraising. Motion by Hansen, second by Ueding to approve the music trip to New York City. Motion carried 6-0. In addition, to note, the theater department received many awards for the Little Shop of Horrors performance: Zayden Reffitt and Faith Beeck – special recognition for leading roles (Honorable Mentions), Ian Garside and Zayden Reffitt – distinguished scene award for their work on song “Munchkin and Son”, and Ian Garside – outstanding achievement in a principal role for work as Seymour. Ian Garside was invited to participate in a triple threat program, which is an international competition for students of the highest caliber where he will audition for a chance to represent Iowa at the Jimmy Awards in New York City this June. APPROVE SICK LEAVE POLICY: After much discussion, Motion by Miller, second by Hansen to table this item until the next meeting to allow time to have a formal policy drafted. Motion carried 4-0. Ayes: Miller, Hansen, Malone, Puck Nays: Heistand Abstain: Ueding DISCUSSION: Building Update: Mr. Brosamle informed the board that the asbestos inspector reviewed the elementary building, but we do not have the results back yet. S&P Global assigned a long-term rating of “A”, which is stable, for the Series 2022 GO bonds. The current cost of the project is over the approved bond amount, we will have to use PPEL/Sales Tax dollars to help fund part of the project, as well as other loan options possibly. Brick samples were reviewed and will need to be decided soon. At the elementary building, rooms were shifted to make better use of space requiring less work and reducing cost. Campus care will be moved to the 3rd grade classrooms, 3rd grade will go to where the current cafeteria is and the cafeteria will be moved to the current campus care location. A motion by Hansen, second by Heistand to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 6-0. With no further business appearing before the board, President Puck declared the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting. Secretary, Terra Sell President, Steve Puck Boyer Valley CSD Claims- May 2022 Vendor Name, Vendor Description, Amount General Advanced Communication Services, Purchased Service 459.99 Ahlers Law Firm, Purchase Srv-Bond Refinance 378.00 Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 952.64 Amplify Education, Instructional Supplies 14,876.48 Bonsall T.V. Inc., Audio/Visual Equip/Repairs 450.00 C & H Hauling, Trash Removal 260.00 Carroll Cleaning Supply, Co., Cleaning Supplies 3,499.86 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc, Janitorial Supplies 1,164.50 City Of Dow City, Water/Sewer/Garbage 509.60 City Of Dunlap, Utility 738.88 Cornhusker International Trucks, Inc., Transportation Supplies 150.70 Counsel Office & Documents, Maintenance/Supplies 262.29 Crawford County Conservation B, Shelter House 52.00 Crawford County Dept. Of Health, Purchase Service 39.83 Denison Bulletin/Review, Advertising 99.00 Denison Do It Best Hardware, Custodial Supplies 27.98 DHS Cashier 1st Fl., St. Medicaid Service 4,710.42 Dollar General, Supplies 17.75 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 65.99 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 746.83 Elevate Roofing, Purchased Service 456.83 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 1,952.48 Fareway Stores, Groceries 141.90 Frontier Communications, Telephone 203.06 Gateway Hotel & Conference Center, Hotel 221.76 Gopher, Supplies 95.14 Hanigan's Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, Lawn Care 2,350.00 Harlan Publishing LLC, Publications 54.00 Heller Implement, Inc., Repair Parts 2,063.87 Hoglund Bus Company, Bus Repairs 35.74 Iowa Communications Network, L-D/T-1/Video Charges 59.37 JW Pepper & Son Inc., Sheet Music 99.96 Kuhlmann, Mary, Purchased Service 97.50 Long Lines, Internet Services 387.00 Master Teacher, Inc., The, Awards 52.95 Medical Enterprises, Inc., Workshop 13.00 Midamerican Energy, Electricity/Natural Gas 12,625.35 National Academics Association, Registration 600.00 Nebraska Air Filter Inc, Supplies 361.36 Perma-Bound, Instructional Supplies 48.53 Petty Cash/Lori Malone, Reimbursement 77.32 Quill Corp, Office Supplies 49.78 Rasmussen Mechanical Service, Contract Labor 89,962.00 Really Good Stuff, Classroom Supplies 13.49 Schmitt Music Centers, Music Supplies 8.70 Scholastic Book Fairs - 8, Book Fair 1,096.80 School Nurse Supply Inc., Medical Supplies 272.15 School Specialty Inc (Latta), Supplies 5,357.04 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 85.54 St. Patrick's Parish Center, Rental 100.00 State Fire Marshal Division, Purchase Service 25.00 Teacher Direct, Classroom Supplies 1,242.14 Timberline Billing Service LLC, Purchased Service 610.04 Town And Country Store, The, Supplies 587.17 TPRS Books, Instructional Supplies 225.00 Van Wall Equipment, Repairs 456.57 Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone 240.06 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 306.01 Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 447.28 Western Iowa Wireless, Internet Access Bus Barn 49.95 Windstream Iowa Communications, Phone Company 415.91 Fund Total: 153,010.49 Management Avesis, Vision Insurance 68.94 Community Bank/Medical Insr, Medical Insurance 7,224.41 Iowa Schools Employee Benefits, Dental/Life/Ltd Ins 192.96 Fund Total: 7,486.31 Campus Care Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 84.52 Bonsall T.V. Inc., Audio/Visual Equip/Repairs 21.57 Cogdill, Paul, Reimbursement 43.90 Hollinger, Chelsey 86.50 Murphy, Amanda, Reimbursement 100.00 Ohl, Rachel 78.40 Pauley, Tara, Refund 103.30 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 72.99 Steffen, Cory, FFA Premium 100.00 Walmart - Capitol One, Supplies 148.17 Fund Total: 839.35 Checking Account Total: 161,336.15 School Nutrition Ahart, Nikena 56.85 Anderson-Erickson Dairy Co, Milk 1,779.59 Cooper, Trudy, Refund 82.10 Dean-Shumate, Marsha, Refund 41.80 Malone, Amy, Reimbursement 23.40 Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 7,483.04 Pan 0 Gold Baking, Hot Lunch Food 403.80 Riley, Karen, Refund 35.10 Shelley, Shama, Refund 75.30 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 40.79 Fund Total: 10,021.77 Checking Account Total: 10,021.77 Student Activity All American Timing, Purchased Service 2,775.00 Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 194.05 ASPI Solutions, Inc., Software 324.00 Atlantic Golf & Country Club, Entry Fee 120.00 Cash/ Lori Malone, Change Funds 1,350.00 Daktronics Scoreboards, Scoreboard 2,736.00 Deckers Sporting Goods, Athletic Supplies 1,208.00 Denison Community School, Tuition/Entry Fee 200.00 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 672.66 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 130.00 Fareway Stores, Groceries 397.92 Gold Slipper, Mtg Expenses 930.00 Graphic Edge, LLC, The, T-Shirts 1,061.59 Hesman, Robert, Reimbursement 35.40 IKM-Manning CSD, Entry Fees/Tuition 50.00 Iowa Hs Music Association, Registration/Dues 72.00 Jostens, Supplies 204.93 Just Designs, Senior Composite 250.00 Logan Magnolia Comm School, Tuition/Fees 100.00 Maple Valley Community School, Entry Fee 137.50 Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 79.80 National FFA Organization, Vo Ag Supplies/Dues 93.50 OA-BCIG Community School, Entry Fee 400.00 Prom Nite, Prom Supplies 303.20 Riverside Comm School 100.00 Rolling Valley Conference, Membership 1,090.00 Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, Fundraiser 4,983.44 Tremel, Johnathan, Purchased Services 120.00 Tri-Center CSD, Entry Fees 100.00 Underwood Community School, Tu;Ition 85.00 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 3,790.99 Wendts Pots & Posies, Supplies 40.00 Westwood Comm. School District, Entry Fee 85.00 Wiebers, Rollie, Sports Official 180.00 Woodbine Comm Schools, Tuition/Entry Fee 320.00 Fund Total: 24,719.98 Checking Account Total: 24,719.98 Local Option Tax KPE-Engineers/Architects/Forensic Experts, Purchase Service 85,000.92 Nextgen Technology, Purchased Service 7,250.00 Fund Total: 92,250.92 PPEL 20/20 Technologies, LLC, Purchased Service 9,146.99 Jmc Computer Service Inc, Software/Supplies 600.00 Software Unlimited Inc, Software Support/Updates 11,340.00 Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 1,157.08 Fund Total: 22,244.07 Checking Account Total: 114,494.99 TDR 6-2-22


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